Created by Magalie Daval, osteo-vertebral therapist for 14 years, Boost Yr Team is your best ally in your personal & professional life.

Take concrete measures for the health and well-being of your teams with Boost Yr Team. The perfect solution to reduce stress and nervousness and to give your company back its energy and vitality!

Magalie Daval
CEO & Founder

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my vision & our mission

As a private therapist for 14 years, I thought it was time to bring a bit of wellness to the corporate world. That’s why I created Boost Yr Team 5 years ago. Because if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business!

As a single mother at the time, I decided to only hire mothers in the same situation so that they could combine family life and part-time work. The gamble paid off, as after four years, twenty or so partner companies now have confidence in Boost Yr Team and a multitude of employees have been able to benefit from seated massages or real osteopathy sessions at work or at home…

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boost yr team

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Magalie Daval
CEO & Founder - Boost Yr Team

Osteo-Vertebrotherapist based in the commune of Vandoeuvres, I would be delighted to welcome you to my practice or to treat you at your home. I practice structural osteopathy and am equally at ease with children, adults, sportsmen and women as well as the elderly. I look forward to meeting you with a smile & kindness !

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Health & Wellness Platform

Discover our MSD Training © (Musculo-Skeletal Disorders) available online which will allow you to correct your posture in the long term. Improved muscle tone & balance, decompression of the joints especially the lumbar vertebrae and hips, better coordination… The benefits are numerous!

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