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Some of the many benefits that corporate massage can bring you:

Magalie Daval
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How ?
By fighting stress through Massage in business

It is an energy massage of the upper body, it is relaxing, effective and powerful to relax the back and shoulders.

In 15 minutes the Amma massage eliminates tension and blockages and gives you well-being and vitality.

Fast and effective simple stimulation of 170 acupressure points by a qualified and licensed therapist.

Definition of the sitting massage or Amma massage ?

Amma massage is an energetic massage of the upper body, it is discreet, soothing, relaxing, effective and powerful to relax the back, head, shoulders, arms and hands.

It is practiced on an ergonomic chair provided for this purpose.

Developed since 1982 in the United States, it is based on the traditional art of acupressure called AMMA (“Calm with the hands”) which has its roots in Japan since 1300 years.

This technique gives back tone, vitality, provides a pleasant relaxation and relieves stress.

Administered by a certified therapist, Amma massage is an energetic upper body massage that is discreet, calming, relaxing, effective and powerful for relaxing the back, head, shoulders, arms and hands. It is performed on an ergonomic chair designed for this purpose. Developed since 1982 in the United States, it is based on the traditional art of acupressure called AMMA (“Calming with the hands”) which has its roots in Japan for 1300 years. It became known worldwide thanks to its introduction in the Western world by the American David Palmer. He offered this service to companies in Silicon Valley: to massage their employees during their working day. Since then, the results in terms of increased productivity and a considerable reduction in stress levels have been impressive.

This technique helps to restore energy and vitality, to provide a pleasant feeling of relaxation and to combat stress.

The benefits of massage in the workplace

Between the exhausting days in the workplace, prolonged sitting or all the inappropriate movements that an employee’s body and fingers undergo, the professional adventure can quickly be experienced as a long ordeal. This is why an employer must do a minimum of prevention for his employees. Corporate massage puts an end to this by providing relaxation techniques through specialised massages that are performed while sitting on a chair. It helps anyone who receives a massage to enjoy general relaxation, stress reduction, fatigue reduction, muscle relaxation and relief of back, neck and shoulder pain, even while in the office.  In this way, an employee can regain a sense of well-being, or even perform a seated massage as a preventive health measure.

Thanks to the benefits of seated massage in the workplace, an employee will feel more relaxed and will notice an increase in productivity. Amma massage sessions also strengthen the immune system and energize the body.

The benefits of massage in the workplace are manifold: these massage sessions are a plus for the health of employees and a real source of motivation, concentration and relaxation. In addition, this massage in the company is ideal for combating absenteeism. Indeed, it is a quick and easy way to detoxify the body while eliminating tensions, energy blockages and knots, but also to promote productivity and well-being at the employee’s workplace. Even if an employee does not suffer from any pain, these massages act as a preventive measure.

After our massage services, we usually hear from all our patients: “I am more relaxed”, “I feel less heavy”, “I am more inclined to finish the task I was leaving behind” or “My concentration is better”. A massage in the workplace, during a short break, is the perfect solution for your employees against stress and absenteeism !


We travel throughout Romandy Switzerland. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Massage in the workplace: process & benefits

How does a massage session in a company take place?

For an optimal effect on a person’s health, the practitioner’s seated massage takes between 15 and 30 minutes. We work in Geneva, Lausanne and throughout French-speaking Switzerland. You are free to define the weekly frequency that best suits your company and your employees, wherever you may be in Geneva and in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. A form of subscription over several months or over a period of time planned in advance would be perfect for your employees. During these minutes, the massage techniques will include pressure, percussion, sweeping and stretching movements. For each session, the practitioner brings all the necessary equipment. He will only need a space of 4m2 to place his chair.

Amma massages, what benefits for the company?

In Switzerland and more particularly in Geneva, our massage services for employees in companies play a role well beyond the physical and mental aspect for the employees. Indeed, by including these services in the culture of your company, simply during a short break of a few minutes, it allows to reinforce the loyalty and the motivation of your employees towards you.

This technique proposes to promote better internal communication in companies. On the other hand, the employees’ feeling of belonging to the company is greatly reinforced. This boosts their concentration at work and ensures that they are constantly on task.

Furthermore, the relief of nervous tension and the attainment of a pleasant state of mind considerably reduces the risk of accidents that may occur during the various work-related tasks.

Another important aspect of our relaxation services is the reduction of the risk of burnout. With a rebalancing of energies in the workplace, employees feel less exhausted, healthier and support each other in their work. Iron health for a more productive work environment with more concentration in the office; that is exactly what we provide.

When to ask for our corporate massage services?

Wherever you are in Geneva or in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, any occasion is good to benefit from our massage services. You can do it on a one-off basis, keeping a certain frequency during the week to encourage all your employees, or as a preventive measure. Or when organising an event at a specific location, to celebrate a victory or also at the end of a stressful event for the whole office.

With our services, a company can, for example, offer one day of massage per year to its employees: the reduction of stress, workload and tension in the professional environment of your company will thus help to combat absenteeism. For the performance and well-being of your employees, as well as their health, the best solution remains the massage in company.

We travel to your employees' homes throughout French-speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France to provide our wellness services. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you a warm welcome.

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