Ostéopathe Genève

​Graduated since 2010 as Osteo-Vertebrotherapist, my main objective during the consultation is to meet the demand and expectations of my patient.

A consultation at my office will take place in 4 stages:

  • Anamnesis (a series of questions that will tell me a little more about you)​
  • Observation, (I will look at your posture, your approach)​
  • The tests (performed standing, sitting or lying, they allow me to locate areas of the body that will need treatment)​
  • Treatments (gently, by myotensives or gentle mobilizations, and without rotary trust)​

​Most of the reasons and consultation are pain or discomfort sometimes following trauma, accidents or wrong movements: stiffness, acute or chronic pain affecting the regions, lumbar, dorsal or cervical spine or concerning a shoulder, a knee or ankle, feel free to contact me !

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