Osteopathy Home Office

How can you boost the productivity of your employees who are struggling to work from home?

ostéopathe home office

I was keen to develop a new concept of home office osteopathy for your team.

In this era of teleworking, the issue of employee productivity at home is a challenge.

Muscle discomfort and pain interfere with their work, which then becomes a burden.

The reason for this is the lack of ergonomics in their workspace, causing backache, forearm and shoulder pain.

This has an impact on their morale and dynamism, and their professional objectives are no longer optimally achieved.

Your company is therefore affected both financially and in its internal functioning.

A strategic decision is needed to deal with a problem that will last for many years: Home Office Osteopathy!

Approved osteopaths mobilize, travel and take up the challenge to combat what is disturbing their work at home:

  • Eradication of their postural tensions and pains by osteopathy
  • Postural and ergonomic recommendations in their workspace

This will give them more energy and well-being to achieve their goals and be productive.

You can imagine the benefits of their work being done on time, qualitatively, and with a real smile of contentment. For them, for you.

Moreover, the effect of the session has a positive impact on the day itself. And its benefits will last for weeks to come.

This bodes well for work productivity and the achievement of your own goals.

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